We welcome Jonathan Matthews to Derby City Comic Con 2015

Jonathan L. Matthews is a Louisville local professional sculptor specializing in action figures and collectible statues. Prior to 2004 clients included Palisades, Wiz Kids, Diamond, Plan B, and Graphitti. Currently a contract Sculptor with DC Collectables, he's best known for the Batman Black and White Statue Series, AmeComi Statues and Arkham Asylum video game figures.

Learn more about Jonathan at

We welcome Craig Boldman to Derby City Comic Con 2015

Craig Boldman is best known for his work for Archie Comics, having written over a hundred consecutive issues of the Jughead comic book (teamed with artist Rex Lindsey), and has been the writer of the Archie syndicated comic strip since 1992. He has also frequently contributed stories to the entire Archie Comics line.

Craig has worked on Superman, 'Mazing Man, Bugs Bunny, Disney's Doug, Disney's Recess, Ed Edd & Eddie, and Bazooka Joe, among others.

He has been a greeting card cartoonist for such companies as Hallmark and American Greetings, and is the co-author/illustrator of a humor book from Andrews McMeel Publishing, "Every Excuse in the Book: 718 Ways to Say 'It's Not My Fault!'"

His current project is a creation of his own, Tailipoe, out in a new book collection.

Art Samples:
creativeshake.com/cboldman & childrensillustrators.com/cboldman
Caricatures: the-nose.com/ap.php?id=craigbl
Facebook: facebook.com/cboldman1

We welcome Bob Hall to Derby City Comic Con 2015

Bob has worked as a celebrated artist with Charlton, Marvel ,Valiant, Acclaim, DC, Platinum and many independent companies. Star ting in 1975, he drew most of Marvel's major characters with a focus on the Avengers. In the 90's he wrote and drew two series for Valiant, Shadowman and Armed and Dangerous. After Valiant shut down he did three Batman series for DC which he wrote, drew and inked. His work can currently be seen in a backup series for the Hammer horror homage, Flesh And Blood. Hall has had a dual career in theatre and currently directs the Flatwater Shakespeare Festival in Lincoln Nebraska.

Learn more by visiting bobhall.com

Calling All Artists... Our Charity Art Auction Returns!

Derby City Comic Con Art Auction 2015

Attention Comic Artists!!

All of you who have attended Derby City Comic Con in the past, we can’t even begin to thank you. This year, we are going to make your artistic donations extra special!

This year we are having a good old fashion Art Auction! Your donations will be bid on by our attendees (and probably staff and other artists) on the show floor and your work will go to the highest bidder.

Please contact John at john@derbycitycomiccon.com with your willingness to donate a piece of your art to our auction. Please make sure that the piece is sturdy enough to be put on the wall with non-damaging adhesives and held during its auction by our lovely assistants.

We would also like to have a few artists who art willing to make art live in the art gallery area. We want people to see your amazing talent in action! Those willing to do this should also contact John at the aforementioned email address so that a schedule can be created. If you choose, those pieces can also be part of the auction. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of supplies for you to use but you can also feel free to bring your own.

This year, the art auction will also have its own specific charity. All proceeds from the auction will be given to This Star Won’t Go Out. This Star Won't Go Out is making a difference in the lives of children with cancer, one family at a time. By providing funds to help pay for travel, a mortgage or rent check, and other cost of living expenses, TSWGO frees up families to focus on their child who is in treatment. A gift of money is really a gift towards quality time as a family-and that’s a gift that is beyond value. You can check out their website at http://tswgo.org/

We are looking forward to a massive show this year and an equally mass art show, so get out there and put pencil to paper for this amazing cause!

Are you ready for Derby City Comic Con? GET EXCITED!

Derby City 2015_W-EFX from A Hutchings on Vimeo.

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/123519451 ... Feel free to share everywhere!

Student and Adult Art Celebration Returns To Derby City Comic Con

Attention Art Instructors, Art Students
and Talented Adult Amateurs!

The Derby City Comic Con Student Art show has returned with an all new addition! This year we are not only looking for work from student artists but also that of talented adult amateurs.

The show will be divided into four sections.  Elementary (K-6thgrade), Middle (7-9), High (10-12) and Adult (18 and over).  Prizes will be given for the best and second best piece of artwork and all will be displayed for viewing on the main floor of the convention.

Our theme this year will be: OUT OF THIS WORLD! This is in conjunction with our kids section theme based on the new Star Wars film. Create your best artwork based on the theme in what ever way that you wish to interpret it. Original characters are always best but using characters from comic books, movies or other media is allowed.

All art should be family friendly in content. There is no size parameters to this show but work should be sturdy enough to be attached to a wall with non damaging adhesive products. Matting is appreciated but not required. All work must have the following on the back of it:

Artist’s Name

Artist’s Grade Level and/or Age

Artists School (if applicable)

Art without this information will not be displayed and there is no guarantee of return.

For students, art may be sent by teachers on the PONY to Kim Wilson at Kammerer Middle School no later than MAY 31st. After this point, arrangements will need to be made by messaging John Wilson at john@derbycitycomiccon.com . Art will also be accepted on the Friday set-up time for the show, but that will be your final opportunity. Check the Derby City Comic Con website for set-up day times http://www.derbycitycomiccon.com No art will be accepted on Saturday or beyond and judging will take place on Sunday.

Art may be picked up on Sunday after the show or arrangements will need to be made with John at the aforementioned email address. We will attempt to send any unclaimed work back to it proper school when classes resume but there is no guarantee that all work will be returned after that long a time. In short, if you want your art returned, make it easy for us rather than difficult.

We are excited to see what you create! Get out your pencils and be awesome!

It's Coming! Get Excited!

Derby City Comic Con 2015 It's coming from A Hutchings on Vimeo.

We welcome Janet K. Lee to Derby City Comic Con 2015

Janet K. Lee is an artist living in Nashville, Tennessee. Her debut book, RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN, was co-created with writer Jim McCann and won an Eisner Award in 2011. Since then, Janet has also worked on projects like Jane Austen's EMMA and NORTHANGER ABBEY for Marvel and casino-heist-space-opera LOST VEGAS (again with Jim McCann) for Image. In addition, she has contributed to numerous anthologies, the most recent of which was Marvel’s ONE UPON A TIME: OUT OF THE PAST.

Right now, Janet is working on an illustrated Pride & Prejudice novel and TIME OF THE DAPPER MEN, volume 2 of the Dapper Men trilogy.

Learn more about all her work at j-k-lee.com.

We welcome Andy Price to Derby City Comic Con 2015

Since issue 1, Andy Price has been the lead pencil/ink artist for the incredibly successful and record breaking MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC comic book from IDW Publishing. MLP broke the 100,000 presale mark, the first independent book to beat out DC or Marvel in 9 years! The book has reached an all age audience, and bought new readers to comic shops. The book has reached worldwide distribution, and achieved a Diamond Gem award.

Andy is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School, and works in most mediums. Andy has also done work from comics to trading cards to toy designs to whatever comes along, for BOOM! Studios, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Rittenhouse Archives, Breygent, Innovation, LEGO, and Slave Labor Graphics, among others. He lives in Georgia, USA where he is completely swamped with Batman collectibles and makes steak & guiness pie for his wife Alice and is slave to cats. He also celebrates Batman's and James T. Kirk's birthdays.

His work can be found on Deviant art via andypriceart.deviantart.com and he updates on projects on Twitter via @andypriceart. Additionally his art can be purchased at andypriceart.bigcartel.com.

We welcome Colleen Doran to Derby City Comic Con 2015

Colleen is the artist for a new Neil Gaiman graphic novel from Dark Horse, The Book of Lost Souls with J Michael Straczynski, Big Nemo with Alan Moore for Electricomics, and upcoming projects to be announced for mainstream book publisher Simon and Schuster, and with Matt Hawkins at Top Cow/Image.

Colleen Doran's recent works also include The Vampire Diaries as writer and artist for DC, as well as art for Red Sonja, Marvel Agents of SHIELD, script for the Korean/American fusion anthology Komacon, and the award-winning graphic novels Mangaman and Gone to Amerikay.

Colleen Doran hundreds of credits also include work for Lucasfilm, Random House, Scholastic, Houghton Mifflin, Simon and Schuster, and Disney. She has illustrated Amazing Spider-Man, The Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Superman, Sandman, and she is the sole creator of the graphic novel series A Distant Soil for Image Comics.

Learn more about all her work at colleendoran.com!

Join us at the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention!

Be sure to visit Derby City Comic Con's Chuck Moore and John Wilson all weekend at booth #1103 (representing the show of course) during the Lexington Comic & Toy Con!

We welcome Jay Leisten to Derby City Comic Con 2015

Jay Leisten started his career in comics as an intern at Top Cow. After 2 years in L.A. working on titles like Witchblade, Darkness & Inferno, he re-located to Florida to work at Crossgen with long time friend Greg Land on Sojourn. When Crossgen closed its doors he began working for Marvel & DC on covers for several titles.

Within a few months he was working on titles like Thor, Legion and Black Panther. In the past few years Jay recently finished working on a three year run with Greg Land on Uncanny X-Men, one year on Iron Man and Moon Knight with Jerome Opena, Nightwing with Don Kramer, Outsiders with Fernando Pasarin, Captain Britain & Dark X-Men with Leonard Kirk, as well as several other Marvel projects. Recently Jay finished working on Death of Wolverine, Spiderwoman, & is now focused on Uncanny Inhumans, an unnamed Marvel project, & a creator owned project.

Learn more about all his work at clockwerkproductions.com!

We're 100 Days From Derby City Comic Con 2015!

It's March 12th! Let the REAL GAMES begin! As of today, we are officially 100 days away from Derby City Comic Con 2015 and we're kicking off 100 days FULL of updates. Up first... later tonight... Our next featured guest announcement. Stay tuned.

Join Derby's Own John Wilson at Poptopia from 2 PM to 4 PM!

If you are in Louisville today, come out and see Derby City Comic Con's own John Wilson at the pop culture event (Poptopia! 2 PM to 4 PM) at the Half Price Books on Westport Road. While he's there he will be teaching kids to draw superheroes plus he'll have plenty of take away cards for people interested in this year's convention!

We welcome David Michael Beck to Derby City Comic Con 2015

For nearly 40 years David Michael Beck has produced dramatic illustrations for a tremendous variety of international clientele. Experienced in painted comic images he has worked with major comic book companies including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Chaos! Comics, Image, Top Cow and others. His realistic paintings of Spider-Man, Thor, Lady Death, Jonah Hex, the G.I. Joe characters, Red Star, Vampirela, and George Lucas' Star Wars Properties have earned him a large body of fans of both national and international acclaim.

He has also produced illustrations for such notables as The American Medical Association, Boy Scouts of America, Walt Disney Productions, Anheuser-Bush, Playboy Enterprises, Hasbro Toys, Universal Pictures, Warner Cable, Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, The Grammy Awards, Harper-Collins, The Grateful Dead and Warner Brothers among many others.

Influenced by European, American and oriental classical painting, as well as folk and modern art, sculpture, architecture, contemporary illustration, children's book illustration, animation, comics and comic strips, his creations have developed a unique style. His strength as a conceptual artist coupled with significant technical ability has earned him numerous awards in the fields of advertising, editorial, book publishing, institutional, entertainment, and graphic design.

David's impressive portfolio includes genre publishing including science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and horror. His contributions to the Star Wars mythos over the years has received world wide acclaim from fans and collectors. Most recently, David has worked as a concept artist developing costume and character designs for the upcoming Star Wars live action television series!

Learn more about all his work at www.davidmichaelbeck.com!

Derby City Comic Con Welcomes New Show Sponsor CompleteSet!

We here at Derby City Comic Con are thrilled to announce our newest show sponsor, CompleteSet! Joining us at the Silver sponsor level, the company has come out of the gate strong expressing their support for Derby City Comic Con and the many comic creators, fans and collectors who attend our convention each year.

CompleteSet is a web and soon mobile app that helps collectors find what they want the most. The company describes itself as a treasure map for collectors and it achieves that goal by providing hand curated archives of collectibles from fans' favorite brands. Members use CompleteSet to show what they have, find what they need, and buy what they want.

Their service is free to join and we here at Derby City encourage you to join today and get collecting!

A Fan Favoriate Guest Returns to Derby City Comic Con 2015

DIRK MANNING is best known as the writer/creator of comic series such as TALES OF MR. RHEE (Devil’s Due Publishing) and NIGHTMARE WORLD (Image Comics/Shadowline). Dirk is also the author of the ongoing inspirational column/book collection WRITE OR WRONG: A WRITER'S GUIDE TO CREATING COMICS (Caliber/Bleeding Cool). More of Dirk’s gripping and exciting stories can be read in comic titles such as DIA DE LOS MUERTOS and LOVE STORIES TO DIE FOR (Image Comics/Shadowline) and THE LEGEND OF OZ: THE WICKED WEST (Aspen/Big Dog Ink) among various other anthologies. He always has copies of his work with him at his table – and autographs/book signings are always free!

Don't let Dirk’s penchant for writing horror comics and his tongue-in-cheek publicity photo with the black hat and scarf fool you, as he’s a very amicable and approachable guy. More and more of our con-goers are continuing to discover how much they enjoy Dirk’s work and panel presentations every year, so take our word for it: Your experience here won’t be complete without stopping by Dirk Manning’s table to chat with him and become familiar with his work – especially if you’re interested in cerebral scary comics or learning about how to become a professional comic book writer! Dirk lives on the Internet and can be found online at www.DirkManning.com as well as at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr @dirkmanning. Cthulhu is his homeboy.

Derby City Comic Con Tickets Are Now On Sale!

Get your tickets for this year's Derby City Comic Con!


 Let's talk price!

Our goal as Louisville's original comic convention is to make it easy on familes and comic fans to come out, join the fun and still have money to spend on all our great vendors and creators. To do that, we work hard to keep our prices low and invite kids (10 and under) to come to the show for free (with a paying adult). Compared to other shows serving up this level of excitement, we're proud of our prices!

For 2015, a full weekend pass will only cost you $20. If you need an Individual day pass, you can purchase Satuday admission for $15 and Sunday for $10.

 Why choose the two day pass?

As if the price itself weren't enough, anyone who purchases a weekend pass (just $20) will also get into the show floor ONE HOUR EARLY both days plus you'll have a special "weekend pass" line to pick up your credentials. Additional perks will be announced as the show approaches as weekend pass holders are the VIP at Derby City!

Want to host a panel at Derby City Comic Con 2015?

We'd love for you to be a part of our convention!

Have a panel you would like to host at Derby City Comic Con 2015?
We're taking submissions for this year's show and now is the time
to make your pitch and let us know what you have in mind.

Simply complete this four question form now!

We'll be back in touch soon to let you know if your panel has been selected.
Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Let's Talk Ticket Prices for Derby City Comic Con 2015!

Want to join us for all the fun during our fifth annual convention?

Our goal is to make it easy on familes and comic fans to come out, join the fun and still have money to spend on all our great vendors and creators. To do that, we work hard to keep our prices low and invite kids (10 and under) to come to the show for free (with a paying adult). Compared to other shows serving up this level of excitement, we're proud of our prices!

For 2015, a full weekend pass will only cost you $20. If you need an Individual day pass, you can purchase Satuday admission for $15 and Sunday for $10. Tickets will go on sale February 1st and there WILL be a GroupOn offer once again this year!

How Long Will You Have To Enjoy Derby City Comic Con 2015?

As far as announcements go, this may not be a HUGE one but...

We're pleased to share the hours during which our show floor will be open for Derby City Comic Con 2015 taking place June 20th-21st at the Kentucky International Convention Center!

We'll open the doors to the public at 10 AM on Saturday and close down at 5 PM. On Sunday we'll kick things off at 11 AM and close down the hall at 5 PM. In addition to the main show, we'll have an announced gathering spot for Friday night and a full convention party Saturday night.

Keep an eye on this space... A ton of details are coming your way!

Want to be part of Derby City Comic Con? Consider volunteering!

We invite you to be part of the 2014 Derby City Comic Con as a volunteer!

By joining us for this year's convention, your commitment will not only help support the Derby City Comic Con staff as we work to grow the event for the community, it wil also help create an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere for the fans and guests that attend. Be part of the comic con experience!

If you are interested, please complete this simple online form and our Director of Personnel, Allison Cuyjet, will be in touch!

Celebrating A Great Convention Charity Partner!

This is Chase. He's one of the close to 1,000 area children served by Big Brothers Big Sisters. He met his Big Brother Marty and Big Sister Susan back in February and the three instantly connected.

Chase told us that before he met his Bigs, life was like "wearing glasses. No offense to people who wear glasses, but glasses are boring!" Now he enjoys the unexpected with his Bigs - like doing science experiments and visiting every local museum in Louisville. Together they laugh, learn new things and grow in friendship.

Right now over 400 kids like Chase wait for a Big Brother or Big Sister to bring some 'unexpected' into their lives. My holiday wish is that we work together to insure more children like Chase receive the positive impact a Big Brother/Sister volunteer brings. When a child succeeds, we all win. And 1-to-1 mentoring works! A recent Youth Outcomes Report illustrates proven impact:

-- 94% of "Littles" reported they have confidence to achieve their goals
-- 65% of former "Littles" agreed that their "Big" helped them achieve a higher level of education
-- 90% of former "Littles" said the relationship with their Big helped them make better choices

Whether you give your time as a volunteer, make a donation to support or work, or simply share or story to inspire others, I invite you to make a difference in the lives of local children this holiday season. It's my simple wish.

From all of us at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana, happy holidays to you and yours!


Jeri Swinton
CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana

Time Is Running Out If You Want A Spot At Derby City!

December 17th update on registration...

We're very excited to report that our 2015 convention show floor is getting very close to "sold out" once again this year. If you want to be part of Derby City Comic Con 2015 and have yet to register, now is ABSOLUTELY the time. Spread the word as this might be the last chance to avoid the dreaded wait list!

For those who have already registered, we're working our way through that list mailing out confirmation emails at this time. Looks like a GREAT show floor is taking shape once again.

 Register For A Table or Booth

We welcome Katie Cook to Derby City Comic Con 2015

Katie Cook is amuch loved comic book artist and writer from Michigan. She has done work for Star Wars, The Jim Henson Company, Fraggle Rock, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and more, as well as her popular webcomic, Gronk. You can find her online at www.katiecandraw.com and www.gronkcomic.com!

2015 Derby City Comic Con Table Registration Now Underway!

December 1st launch of registration...

It is time to register for your 2014 table
for Derby City Comic Con!

 Register For A Table or Booth

If you have any questions about the registration process or how you should
register for your table, please email chuck@derbycitycomiccon.com

Are you ready for Derby City Comic Con's registration to begin?

Derby City Comic Con 2015 Table Registration Details!
(11/30/14 Pre-Registration Night Update)

It is time for us to officially begin counting down to the 2015 Derby City Comic Con taking place June 20th and 21st at the Kentucky International Convention Center!

Can you believe it is already time for tables to go on sale for next year's comic convention? It is and creator, exhibitor and dealer/vendor spots for our fifth annual convention will begin selling tomorrow (December 1st) at 8:00 AM EST! It's an annual tradition.

This year's table prices...
10' x 10' BOOTH SPACE - $150

Today, we're posting to share table prices in advance of tommorow's reservation opening. As we have indicated to many who have asked, there is a modest ($5) increase this year but for that increase we remain a two day show and we're moving up stairs at the convention center to a much bigger floor space clocking in at 65,000 square feet.

Our goal is to give guests of the show a mix of reasons to pack the show floor BOTH days and give you the very best chance to interact with them. Our ground game is ready (5000 "save the date" postcards are heading to comic stores in Louisville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Lexington next week) and we're excited to get the buildup to the show underway. We're going to be EVERYWHERE over the next seven months and as you to prepare for the biggest and best Derby City Comic Con to date!

If the past is any indication, we will sell out the show floor very quickly. In 2013 and 2014, we could have sold twice the spots we had available based on demand. This tells us that, despite the increase in floor space, we will still sell out as we remain one of the best deals in exhibiting within the comic world.

We thank you for your continued support of Louisville's ORIGINAL Comic-Con!

Have you joined our Derby 2015 event page on Facebook?

Have you joined our Facebook event page yet? Make you digital voice heard and click "going" so we can keep you in the loop as we roll out all the amazing announcements for this year's convention! It's a solid way to keep up with all the breaking news about our 2015 convention taking place June 20th-21st at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

Do you already love Derby City? Help us spread the word! You can do you part by taking a moment and inviting some of your friends to the event. On our event page, once you've marked yourself as going just click "invite" and help spread the word about the con. You'll be doing your part to see our show grow each year!

2015 Cavalcade of Comics Date Set!

Returning To The
Ramada Plaza Louisville - Triple Crown Pavilion
9700 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, KY

Today we announce the date for Cavalcade of Comics 2015!

June 20th-21st, 2015 - Derby City Comic Con (Year 5)
November 21st, 2015 - Cavalcade of Comics (Year 2)

Following the success of our first Cavalcade of Comics we are thrilled to announce that the event will be returning to the Ramada Plaza Louisville - Triple Crown Pavilion in 2015 on November 21st!

That said, it's now time to fire up the fun as the seven month race to Derby City Comic Con 2015 begins. Two days, a brand new 65,000 square foot show floor at the Kentucky International Convention Center and the biggest and best Derby City Comic Con yet awaits June 20th and 21st!

Thank You, Sincerely, For Making Cavalcade A Success!

To say that we here at Derby City Comic Con were thrilled with the first year of our Cavalcade of Comics would be an understatement! First, we thank each and every guest who visited and enjoyed the day at Ramada Plaza Louisville - Triple Crown Pavilion. The crowd was solid and seemed to sincerely enjoy the event. Next, we want to thank each and every vendor and exhibitor who took part in the show. You took a chance with us and now you can say your were there when this secondary Derby City event started.

Cavalcade of Comics was a bit of an experiment for our company. We here at Derby City wanted to see if a pre-holiday, retailer focused event was something that would make a nice companion to our ever growing June convention. It was pitched as an event that would keep Derby City in the public eye half way between each convention year and give people a chance to shop geek and shop local.

Did the experiment work? Turns out the answer to that was "yes". Not only was the crowd fun to see but they came ready to shop and made our vendors happy. Along the way, local comic creators were able to tell their stories, meet new audiences and also have some fun. This event did exactly what we hoped.

Will it be returning in 2015? Absolutely. Stay tuned...

Past Updates

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