2016 Booth Registration Opens at 8pm tonight!

Hello all,

Well, I have been steering this ship for a bit over a month now and while it has probably looked like nothing is really happening, I can assure you that is far from reality. In the past few weeks we have secured our 2016 date (June 25-26th at the KICC), we have had an online floor plan and booth space mapping system implemented, and we have been working on the website a bit.

Currently, the website is pretty lean in that I have stripped out a lot of historical information and such that I felt was no longer really relevant and I have been trying to get it in a position to build from. I think that as of this evening it is stripped down enough to be the backbone of a good information source moving forward. Info will be added to the site as it becomes available for 2016.

Most of you guys probably know me or are, at a minimum, aware that my team and I do run a moderately successful convention in Lexington, KY. If you are familiar with the way we run that con, expect to see Derby City adapted to that format as far as signups, admissions, and the like are concerned. I have decided today that I am going to go ahead and begin space reservations tonight rather than waiting until October as originally planned. We are doing this because after building the online map I have realized exactly how many tables there are to sell and I think that the extra time to market these spaces will ensure that we end up with a full house. I should mention that, no matter your previous deals for space, all booth and table space will be sold on a first come / first served basis and you will be expected to pay for your space upon registration. This will ensure a financial flow that will allow us to effectively market the event and grow it into the type of comic convention that Louisville still very desperately needs.

As I mentioned earlier, booth space will go on sale at 8pm eastern TONIGHT August 5th! You can register your booth by visiting the "Register" link at the bottom of every page on this site or directly by clicking HERE!

The online registration system is very easy to use but be sure to completely fill out your info and include a brief bio or description in the "Description" field. Lastly be sure to go ahead and upload your head shot or logo to the mapping system so that it will display on the site.

You will notice that the large booths at the front of the room are labeled as "Sponsor Booths". By purchasing these booths you are becoming one of DCCC's 2016 Sponsors and become eligible for some perks such as logo placement on the website, social media presence, and program ads. These perks are outlined when you select the booth from the map.

In closing, I cannot tell you how excited I am to be the guy in charge of this amazing convention. Derby City has always been one of our favorite cons and now I get the chance to make it even better! Thank you all so much for the support that you have shown us in this transition and in all of our other adventures as well. If you have any questions at all, please email me at jarrod@derbycitycomiccon.com


Jarrod & Jaime-

2016 Date Announced!

We are pleased to announce that our 2016 contracts are signed and that the date is now firm! Derby City Comic Con will be back at the Kentucky International Convention Center on June 25th and 26th, 2016! Keep an eye on this site over the coming months to stay informed about some of the awesome things we will be doing with DCCC moving forward! 2016 booth space will go on sale on August 5th, 2015 and tickets will go on sale on February 1st, 2016!


Derby City Comic Con To Continue And Grow Under New Ownership

Show owner and convention director Chuck Moore writes...

Today, at just a little past 6 PM, I sold Derby City Comic Con to Jarrod Greer of the Lexington Comic & Toy Con. My life has become very full of so many good things over the last year and I feel I have taken the convention as far as I can running it. I'm very proud of what I achieved and it was time to choose a new path, put my family first and focus on my career at CompleteSet. I cannot wait do see what the future holds as Jarrod shares much of the same vision I had for for the convention. I'm honored to have been a part of it for the past three years and thank Eric Banister for the firm foundation upon which we've all built this event for Louisville.

Cavalcade of Comics will continue later this year under the direction of very good buddy John Wilson. Announcements regarding registration for that show and more on the future of Derby City Comic Con coming soon!

Thank You, Sincerely, For Making Derby 2015 A Complete Success!

To say that we here at Derby City Comic Con were thrilled with the turnout and enthusiasm for our 2015 convention would be an understatement. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen, who traveled (far and near) to exhibit at the show and, especially, to all of you who turned out in record numbers to make this our best attended show of all time. We are humbled by your support and look forward to seeing Derby City Comic Con continue to grow!